2012 - 2018: The end of an era

Vehement is closed.  Find out why. Thank you for all your support!

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Destroy your enemies, not your planet.

Our hand sewn, sweatshop-free fight gear is made of 100% Battleskin™, an extremely advanced artificial leather: sustainable, durable and vegan. We won several awards for our innovative boxing gloves, MMA gloves and shin guards.
Sadly we closed in the beginning of 2018.

"The most beautiful fight gear there is."

Robert Ehrenbrandt, Boysetsfire

"Vehement is a social enterprise, from sustainable banking to donations to charities. How exciting is that?"

Definition Magazine

"These gloves outperform animal-leather by a long shot!"

The Discerning Brute

"Finally a consistent alternative!"

Mac Danzig, former UFC fighter

"Thrilled to find quality vegan boxing gloves!"


"The first sustainable fight gear, cool!"

Gray Maynard, UFC fighter

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$6.90 flat rate shipping

Our international shipping is now super cheap! We ship to the USA, Canada, the EU and Great Britain. We run a warehouse in Los Angeles and one in London. Shipping is fast, one week max - no matter where you live!

For fair fighters

All our products are certified fair trade or sweatshop-free. Evereything we make is 100% vegan. All our fight gear is registered by The Vegan Society. We use sustainable banking, pay fair wages and try to establish a zero waste policy.

Further questions?

We are not your usual fight gear company, so weunderstand that you may have some questions. Like if we sponsor fighters, why vegan boxing gloves make sense and so on. Just head over to our FAQ or our blog to get some info and updates.

Official partner

Wolf Conservation Center

We share our profits with the Wolf Conservation Center to support wolf repopulation.